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MYOS, the network for young scientists, and the Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds have joined forces and will organize the new Event4Talent. The goal of this event is to network with other young scientists and increase your networking skills. All scientists from their fourth year PhD up to beginning group leaders are welcome.

Event4Talent 2022

The first edition of Event4Talent will take place on Friday March 25th 2022 at Hotel ‘t Paviljoen in Rhenen, with an optional overnight stay and fun networking activity on Saturday. During the event there will be plenty of time to network and socialize with peers.

Event4Talent is open to all fourth year PhD students up to beginning group leaders working on neuromuscular diseases in the Netherlands. There is room for 20 to 30 participants (first come, first serve!).

The program

Here, you will find the program thus far. More details will be added in time!

Practical information

The program starts on Friday March 25th at around 10.00 and ends at around 21.00 ‘o clock that day. Lunch, dinner and drinks are included. Participants have the option of an overnight stay at Hotel ‘t Paviljoen (Rhenen) and a fun activity on Saturday. Of course, we will monitor the COVID-19 situation and will adjust the program or date of the event if necessary.

We ask a small registration fee of the participants, additional costs will be funded by the Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds.

Registration fee:

  • Early bird (registration before January 25th): € 60,- with overnight stay and € 30,- without
  • Full price (registration after January 25th): € 75,- with overnight stay and € 40,- without

Organizing committee

Event4Talent is organized by researchers of MYOS and by the Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds. The committee members are:

Rossella Avagliano Trezza

Maastricht UMC+ & MYOS

Nadine van der Beek

Erasmus MC & MYOS

Johan Lim

Amsterdam UMC & MYOS

Simone van den Berge

Prinses Beatrix Spierfonds.

For questions about Event4Talent, please contact Simone van den Berge at onderzoek@spierfonds.nl.