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Spierfonds Impact Award

Spierfonds Impact Award

The Spierfonds Impact Award is a prize for a young researcher who, in 2023-2024, has made a concrete and valuable contribution with significant scientific and/or societal impact in the neuromuscular field. The aim of this award is to recognize and reward young distinguished researchers, inspiring and encouraging them to continue enriching the neuromuscular field with their dedication and contributions. 

Relevant information

The Spierfonds aims to improve the lives of people with a neuromuscular disorders. We encourage young researchers to contribute to this mission from their unique perspective and innovative mindset. With the new Spierfonds Impact Award, we annually reward an innovative young researcher (preclinical or clinical) who has made a tangible and meaningful contribution in the neuromuscular field. For example by:

  • (creative) communications, such as interviews or podcasts,
  • developing a new tool, app, or guideline,
  • providing patient information, for example, by organizing a patient day,
  • a scientific achievement, such as a new discovery,
  • implementing a technique in the Netherlands or establishing a new collaboration.

With the Spierfonds Impact Award, the Spierfonds aims to provide young, talented researchers with the opportunity to boost their professional development, broaden their insights, increase their chances of future grants, and attain a prominent position within the neuromuscular field in the Netherlands.

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